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Products Used in Pre-Pointe Training Curriculum

TheraBand strong set
Stronger set of bands for pre-pointe training. Latex free.
TheraBand Light and Medium set
Light and Medium bands for pre-pointe training. Latex free.
TheraBand Extra Heavy
Extra heavy theraband - ideal for advanced dancers or foot strengthening for Lesson 5 and 6 of Pre-pointe
Loop bands light to heavy
Wide variety of weight including super-light (for toe isolation) and heavy (for turnout exercises)
Small tennis balls
Small-sized tennis balls for rolling. 3 colors available.
Regular tennis balls
Standard sized tennis balls for massage. 3 colors available.
Wobble Board
Great for ankle strength and balance. This is used in Lesson 5 and 6 of the pre-pointe curriculum.
Stability Cushions
These can be used in place of wobble boards if you choose.
Yoga Strap
Yoga Straps are great for dancers looking to increase their flexibility! Comes with instructions. Use with teacher guidance.
Suspension Kit + Resistance Bands
This set includes a suspension trainer, mounting kit, instructions, extender, and bonus resistance loops. Great for conditioning!
Suspension trainer cards
step-by-step pictures and instructions on using your suspension trainer.
Turn Out Disks
These can be used in place of spin boards.
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Recommended Dance Physiotherapists


AZ Dance Med - Phoenix, AZ, (CA location opening soon) Online sessions available

Lisa Howell - Australia (online sessions available)

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