This short e-book is designed to give you some fresh ideas and starting points in your choreography. It contains my choreographical bubble-map, and 5 interesting exercises you can do solo, in small groups, or in large groups to help get you started on a new and interesting piece! It also contains my 9 tips for what to do when you're stuck!


This is a great resource for:


  • young dance teachers who are just starting off in their choreographical journey
  • seasoned professionals who feel like they are "stuck in a rut"
  • young dancers who want to try their hand at choreography but aren't sure where to start


From the book:

This guide is not designed to be a textbook or a full manual about choreographical theory. Instead, it is a series of lists, notes, and step-by-step instructions designed to help guide you in creating your own choreography. Many of the exercises are based off of projects I did in college... While people insist that thinking "outside the box" is important, I find It's amazing what you can do when you're given a box to work in!

Choreography Workbook


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