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Wobble Board exercise - full ankle mobility and strengthening

Do you have a wobble board? You need one! They are relatively inexpensive but extremely useful! You will start to see your strength and balance improve immediately!

If you ONLY do this exercise on your board, you'll at least get your money's worth out of it.

We work through plantarflexion (pointing), dorsiflexion (flexing), pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling out)

A few key notes:

  • absolutely do not do more than you can do correctly! It is really easy to overwork yourself while using a wobble board, just like it's easy to overwork yourself in your new pointe shoes. Watch for "chunking," shaking, or major wobbles in your ankle while doing this exercise.

  • When pronating in, only go a little bit, and be very aware of any pain or discomfort this position may cause in your knee. If it is uncomfortable in the knee at all, skip this movement in the set, and go right to supination (sickling)

  • I always recommend doing extra on your weaker foot. This just helps even out the strengthening.

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