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Tendu with sur le coups de pied

This is a nice simple tendu focusing on sur le coups de pied and using the tarsals and metatarsals. It is hard to get range of motion in these joints. If a dancer is struggling with sur le coups de pied, I have them do the praying feet exercise (featured in this blog post!) Have them do this exercise after plié but before this combination.

1-4: 2 tendus front, closing in 5th

5-6: bring the foot to sur le coups de pied

7-8&: slide the coups de pied back to 5th, plie on the &

Repeat front, side, back, sous-sus to the back and bring the inside foot up to sur le coups de pied to balance. Repeat from the back.

Note- check out this IGTV video on teaching sur le coups de pied!

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