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Tendu with Pas de Cheval and sous-sus

I love switching feet during tendu! It helps keep the blood flowing, and gets both legs actively engaged in the combination.

From 5th position:

Set 1:

1-2: 2 tendus front

3: tendu back

4: tendu front

5-6: 2 tendus to the side closing in 1st

7: tendu side close 5th front

8: tendu side, close 5th back

1-8: reverse from the back, and finish by coming to sous-sus for the next set.

Set 2:

1. Pas de cheval to the front in plié

2: assemblé sous-sus

3: pas de cheval to the back with the inside foot, in plié

4: assemblé sous-sus

5: pas de cheval to the side in plié

6: assemblé sous-sus closing front

7: pas de cheval to the side in plié

8: assemblé sous-sus closing back.

1-8: repeat to the back.

Balance in sous-sus or sur le coups de pied.

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