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Tendu with Foot Articulation and Compression

This is a combo that my teacher had us do in every single class! It made such a difference in strengthening my feet. I've found a longer song and added the en de dans + other side to the combo.

From 5th:

1: Tendu front

2: close 5th

3: tendu front

4. close 5th plié

5: tendu in plié front

6: close 5th in plié

7: tendu in plié front

8: stretch the standing leg straight

1: press to the ball of the foot

2: pointe

3: press to the heel

4: pointe

5: plié in 4th

6: relevé

7&: plié in 4th, temps lié forward to tendu back

8: close in 5th.

Repeat with the inside foot to the back. Repeat outside foot temps lié away from the barre, and then center with the inside foot temps lié back to the barre. Close to the back to reverse de dans. Soutenue and repeat immediately.

Music: Ray Lindsay's free ballet music - Pirouette 3/4 Sleeping Beauty Waltz.

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