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Tendu with accent change

I like this tendu because it switches accents, which is important for the beginner/intermediate student to get used to.

Set 1:

1-2: 1 tendu front, close

&3&4: 2 faster tendu, closing on the count

5: plié and tendu front

6: rond de jambe to the side

7: close 5th front

&8: tendu side, close 5th back

Reverse from the back

Repeat front and back, for a total of 32 counts

Set 2:

1: tendu front

2: plié in 4th

3: tendu inside leg back

4: plié in 4th

5: tendu outside leg front

6: plié on standing leg

7: rond de jambe to the side

8: close.

Repeat en croix, and soutenue to repeat whole combination on the other side.

Music: David Plumpton's West End to Broadway vol. 2 - Track #5 "Skid Row"

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