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Slow Tendu with Inner Thigh Activation

I love this tendu! It helps utilize foot articulation, connect with the ground, and tap into the inner thigh. It's also a bit out of the ordinary on the timing so it makes the dancer have to really count and think on the timing.

From 5th position:

1-4: 2 tendus to the front

5: plié and tendu to the front at the same time

6: rond de jambe to the side

7-8: slowly close in 5th front, pressing the heel into the ground and feeling the inner thigh leading the leg closed.

(Repeat to the side rdj to the back, to the back rdj to the side close back) then, sous-sus, bring the inside leg up to sur le coups de pied to balance, close 5th so the outside leg is in the back, and stretch. Repeat from the back going front.

This is great accompanied by a series of elevés and relevés, or temps liés.

Music: David Plumpton plays Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sunset Boulevard Medley

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