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Pre-Pointe - Exercise 3 - Single Leg Aligned Elevé

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Position: standing at the barre, holding with 1 hand, barefoot or shoes, parallel. The teacher or partner should be on the floor opposite their standing leg. Resistance band wraps around the arch of the standing leg in a way that would pull the ankle into a sickled or “supinated” position. Dancer’s other leg will be in sur le coups de pied parallel.

Exercise: Dancer will slowly elevé and lower, pressing against the theraband to keep the ankle lined up. Teacher or partner will apply some stretch to the band and increase stretch as needed.

Teacher notes: do just a few of these at a time, and make the student go as slowly as possible. Be very aware of any shaking or “chunking” (coming down in chunks rather than smoothly).

Reps: dancers should start with 4 and move to more as teacher sees fit. Strive for 10-15 total on each foot before beginning pointe.

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