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Pre-Pointe Degagé with échappé

Here is a great degagé with échappé that I use in my pre-pointe curriculum! This is one of the combos I use in my Pre-Pointe curriculum that will be available to purchase on or around July 12th!


  • The combo itself is not hard, but having intermediate students move quickly from a standing leg to 2 working legs is challenging. Watch for dancers not using both legs evenly

  • If a dancer is not using both legs equally for the échappé, they may be a) favoring a weak leg or b) not using the inner thighs actively (or possibly not using the core sufficiently)

  • Watch also for the dancer staying in the rotation of the hip - they should stay in their "pizza feet."

from 5th:

1-3: 3 degagé front

4: plié

5-6: échappé 4th

7: plié in 5th

8: stretch

repeat en croix.

then: 16 degagé; arm going 8 de hors, 8 de dans. Soussus passé balance to finish and repeat.

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