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Plié with tendu and compression

I love this combination! It always makes my feet and hips and inner thighs so warm! And it's a bit of an arm workout too.


  • When closing the tendu in 1st or 5th, make sure you're really pressing the heel into the ground and compressing through the leg to close. This is the second half of your glissade!

  • When giving this combo to a group of younger intermediate students, I changed the 3 relevés to 1, and took a little more time in the cambré.

This combo is from my Disney Highlights Intermediate barre! The complete barre will be posted soon.

In 1st: 2 demi plié, the third tendu the outside leg to the side, compress and close back into plié in 1st, and stretch. Repeat with the inside leg. Cambré into the barre and dropping down, reaching out with the arm to come up. 3 relatively fast elevés, a quick balance, and plié or lower the heels. Tendu to 2nd.

In 2nd: repeat the combination, but transfer the weight to tendu side plié (same position as before). Cambré into the barre and then back. Lift the arms to allongé in your elevés.

In 4th: Repeat but transfer the weight onto the back foot and tendu the front foot, then reverse and tendu the back foot. Circular cambré dehors into your 3 elevés, and plié to 5th.

In 5th: Repeat but tendu from 5th to the front and back. Soussus and cambré over and back, balance.

Music: Nate Fifield's Disney for Ballet Class Vol. 1 - track #1

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