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Plié with rotation control

I love this plié! It is very slow, and helps dancers focus on controlling the turnout from the hip.


  • One of the movements I use in this plié is what Eileen Juric calls the "one-pieceness" plié. It involves turning the hip "knobs" and bending the knees at the same time. Students may need to practice this before actually doing the combo, as it can be very tricky to time!

  • As a reminder, do your grand pliés the way that works best for your body. For me, that's not going all the way down. Talk to your teacher or reach out if you have questions about grand plié!

This combo is part of my Frozen follow-along barre for intermediate/advanced!

From 1st, one hand on the barre.

1-2: plié and turn in, stretch.

3-4: plié and turn out, stretch.

5-8: repeat

1-4: grand plié and stretch

5-6: turn to parallel 1st and cambré forward, place the hands on the floor

7-8: plié and stretch

1-2: rock the hips to the outside leg, and come center

3-4: rock the hips to the inside leg, and come center

5-6: soften the knees and curl up through the spine

7: elevé and turn out to 1st, lower the heels

8: tendu to 2nd.

in 2nd, repeat the plié turning in and out. for the cambré, you will reach in, demi plié and curl through the spine to come up.

Repeat in 5th with a circular de hors cambré in soussus

Repeat in 4th without the grand plié. Elevé, balance in Spanish 4th, change to 3rd arabesque, change to epaullé, and detourné to finish.

Music: Let it Go by David Plumpton (single)

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