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Off to Oz! Intermediate/Advanced follow-along barre

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this intermediate/advanced ballet barre. My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently. For advanced classes, please make sure you read through the combinations at the bottom of the post, and do not attempt steps that you have not learned, or that your teacher has asked you not to work on yet!

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series.

Recommended Playlist (all from David Plumpton's Journey to Oz)

  • No One Mourns the Wicked #1

  • Over the Rainbow #2

  • That Feeling That We Have #3

  • If I Only Had a Brain #5

  • We Welcome You to Munchkinland #7

  • It Really Was No Miracle #4

  • Home #8

  • No Good Deed #9

  • Defying Gravity #10

  • The Wizard and I, Part II #13

  • Ease On Down the Road #15

Foot Warmup

From 1st position, facing the barre:

1: elevé

2: demi plié and break at the ankle

3: stretch back straight to elevé

4: lower the heels

repeat total of 4X.

1: demi plié

2: press into a forced arch

3: press the heels back down

4: stretch straight

repeat a total of 4X

4 snakes

4 reverse snakes

turn to one hand on the barre:

1-4: cambré forward, place the hands on the ground

5-6: demi plié

7-8: stretch straight

1-4: curl through the spine to come up

5-7: cambre out, up, into the barre

8: curl through the top of the spine and plié as you come back straight.

repeat 2X on each side and finish.


from 1st position:

1-2: chassé to 2nd position and stretch

3-4: demi plié in 2nd anad stretch

5-6: demi plié in 2nd and compress to 1st

7-8: demi plié in 1st

1-2: tendu outside foot and cambré into the barre,

3-4: temps lié away from the barre to tendu the inside leg

5-6: cambré away from the barre

7 plié in 2nd

8: stretch straight.

1-4: grand plié in 2nd

5-8: elevé and cambré forward, lower the heels

1-4: grand plié in 2nd

5-8: elevé and cambré back, lower the heels and close to 5th.

1-2: chassé forward to 4th, and stretch

3-4: demi plié in 4th, stretch

5-6: demi plié in 4th and compress to 5th, stretch

7-8: demi plié in 5th, stretch

1-4: circular cambré de hors

5-6: soussus

7-8: plié and stretch

1: chassé forward to 4th

2: relevé

3: plié

4: temps lié forward

5: plié in 4th

6: relevé

7: plié in 4th

8: temps lié back

1-4: plié and cambré forwrad in tendu

5-6: cambré back

7-8: soussus and soutenue.

repeat immediately on the other side from 1st. to finish, balance in soussus and bring the arms to epaulé


using epaulement over, then under on the first set, then under and over on the second set.

1-4: 2 tendu front

5-8: temps lié forward and close

1-4: 2 tendu back with inside foot

5-8: temps lié back.

1-2: tendu side, close 1st

3-4: tendu side, close 5th front

5-6: tendu side, close 1st

7-8: tendu side, close 5th back

1-8: passé balance, close back.

repeat from the back, reversing the epaulement.

Fast tendu

Set 1 (repeat twice)

&: tendu front

1: close

&: tendu front

2: close plie

3: tendu front

4: close straight

5: tendu side

6: plié in 2nd

&: tendu side

7: close front

&: tendu side

8: close back

(repeat from the back)

Set 2 (repeat twice)

&1: tendu front and close

&2: tendu back inside leg and close

&: tendu side plié

3-4: pas de bourrée dessous (back side front)

5-8: plié and coupé the inside leg over, closing front.

&1: tendu back and close

&2: tendu front inside leg and close

&: tendu side plié

3-4: pas de bourée Dessus (front side back)

5-8: plié and coupe the inside leg over, closing back.

soussus the foot to the back on the last set and soutenue to repeat immediately.


1-3: 3 degagé front and close

4: degagé front

5-8: 3en cloche and close back.

reverse from the back. then,

1-8: 7 degagé side in 1st, last one plié in 5th front

1-8: passé relevé and balance, add a turn if desired, close back and reverse.


Set 1:

1-4: 3 piqué front and close

5-8: 1 piqué front, side, back, close.

1-4: 3 piqué back and close

5-8: 3 en cloche and close back.

reverse, and repeat.

set 2:

3 passés, holding the 3rd one, repeat, then balance and soutenue.

Rond de Jambe

preparation is port de bras and tendu forward;

1-2: temps lié forward

3: temps lié back

4: rond de jambe to the back


1-4: grand rond de jambe enl'air at a low/medium height

5-8: grand rond de jambe en l'air at a high height

1-4: 2 grand battement en rond

5-8: grand rond de jambe and tendu to the back on 8.

reverse from the back

cambré forward, soussus, passé, and developpé to attitude front to balance.


1: tendu

2: fondu

3-4: extend front

5: bend to attitude

6: extend higher

7-8: rond de jambe to the back.

Repeat back.

to the side:

1: tendu

2: fondu

3: extend

4: bend to attitude

5: extend higher

6: bend to attitude

7: extend higher

8: passé relevé

1-4: plié developpé front

5: step to soussus

6-8: soutenue and plié to repeat.


8 counts of petite battement

3 frappés front, 1 frappe sidé. Repeat to the back.

Repeat on relevé, with the side frappé to tendu plié

8 counts on relevé petite battement traveling up the leg

8 counts on relevé petite battement traveling down the leg

2 fouettée prep (or turns)

1 fouettée de dans (or corkscrew) prep (or turns)

soutenue and repeat.


1-8: developpé front

1-3: enveloppé to passé

4: plié in 5th

5-8: chassé forward and close 5th

Repeat back with inside foot.


1-4: developpé ecarté devant

5-7: carry to ecarté derriere

8: passé

1: slide foot down to 5th and plié

2: chassé away from the barre to tendu

3: temps lié back to the barre

4: soussus to the back

5: developpé inside leg front

6: brush leg to the back into penchée

7-8: hold and finish as desired.


1: battement front

2: balancoire back in plié

3: balancoire front and stretch the standing leg

4: close.

5-8: repeat.

1-4: 2 battement side

5-8: whip side close back

repeat from the back.

last side, do 3 battements and soutenue.

© 2017 Haley Mathiot