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Off to Oz! Beginner follow-along barre

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this beginner ballet barre. My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently. (Note - this barre is suitable for ages 5+, or students brand new to ballet)

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series.

Recommended Playlist - all from A Journey to Oz by David Plumpton

  • Believe in Yourself #19

  • As Long As You're Mine #21

  • The Lullaby League #25

  • Already Home #33

  • Emerald City #18

  • Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead! #26

  • Popular #16

  • Optimistic Voices #27

  • Slide Some Oil To Me #29


Long intro, begin with a cambré forward and arm up over the head, open, to begin.

4 slow demi plié in 1st. Cambré in and out. elevé, lower the heels, tendu to 2nd position.

2 grand pliés in 2nd. cambré forward, elevé, cambré back, lower the heels, tendu to 5th.

4 slow demi pliés in 5th. Circular cambré and soussus, quick balance, and soutenue to repeat 5th position on the other side immediately.


1-4: 2 tendu front

5-8: temps lié forward, close.

1-4: 2 tendu back with the inside foot

5-8: temps lié back, and close.

1-8: 4 tendu side closing in 5th (can modify to 1st)

1: tendu side

2: plié in 2nd

3-5: relevé and balance in 2nd

6: plié in 2nd

7: tendu side and soutenue

8: plié in 5th and repeat immediately.


1-2: 2 degagé front

3: piqué front

4: close

repeat front, side back closing in plié to the back,

5-7: passé

8: plié back

reverse and repeat.

Rond de Jambe

1-2: pas de cheval to tendu

3: rond de jambe to the back

4: port de bras

5-8: 4 de hors a terre

1-4: 1 grand rond de jambe en l'air

5-8: 1 grand rond de jambe, closing back.


circular cambré de hors and de dans

sous-sus, passé, face the barre, backbend, turn to the other side, extend to arabesque and balance.


3 frappé front, side, back, 1 double to the side; reverse.

8 counts of cecchetti petite battement, 4 counts of sur le coups de pied, relevé balance, soutenue.

(*note - to modify to a slower speed, do 2 frappé at half tempo)


1: tendu front

2: fondu

3-4: extend front

&: brush back and arrive by--

5: back

6: fondu

7-8: extend back

&: brush front and arrive by

1: front

2: fondu

3-4: extend side

5: soussus

6: coupé under

7-8: pas de bourrée over and coupé to 5th. repeat.


1-4: developpé front

5: tendu

6-7: temps lié forward

8: close

repeat back with the inside foot.

1-4: developpé side

&: tendu

5-6: temps lié away from the barre

7-8: temps lié towards the barre

1-7: keeping the leg in tendu to the side, cambré in and down.

8: close back.

reverse the whole combination. the second time to the side, plié and cambré away from the barre into the leg.

Grand battement

1-5: 3 battements front

6: balançoire back

7: balançoire front

8: close

4 battements to the side, closing back.

Reverse from the back, soutenue, and repeat.

Center Tendu

starting from 5th:

1 tendu front to 1st

1 tendu front to 5th

1 tendu front to 1st

1 tendu side to 5th back

repeat on the second foot, then reverse from the back starting with the second foot.

Center balance/pirouette

1-2: tendu side

3-4: rond de jambe to 4th

5-6: passé balance

7-8: plié 5th front.

repeat 3X, then,

1-4: soussus balance

5-7: passé the back foot to the front

8: plié. repeat on the second side.

Can do pirouettes instead of balances.

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