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Modified Variation - Odette

My modified variations work great for beginner-level dancers. These variations mimic the same movements and floor blocking as the original dance, but are "toned down" for beginner dancers. I initially choreographed them to go with my "Fun in a Bun" digital series I did for Stage Door Dance's digital content, and they go great with my storytime lesson plan or Swan Lake themed barre!

Choreography is designed for ages 5-10 beginner level ballet.

From b+ with the arms crossed

standing on the right foot with the left foot behind:

Tendu left foot to the side (arms open to second), passé (arms come up to high 5th with turned wrists) cross in front to sous-sus and bourrée (arms “fly”) and close in 5th position. Repeat with the right foot. Then, step on the left foot into first arabesque and hold, walk around yourself to b+ standing on the left foot, and repeat the series on the other foot.

On the second set, after the arabesque, walk to the upstage right corner to 5th position.

1 changement (arms come to 1st) 1 changement (arms come to high 5th with turned wrists) bourrée and fly the arms. Repeat 3 times, then step to arabesque on the left leg and walk back to the same corner.

Turn series: soutenue over with arms out, bourée around self and fly arms. Repeat. Soutenue around room in a circle, and finish in tendu to the back with arms in 1st arabesque or crossed over in fourth with turned wrists.

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