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Long Tendu with Foot Articulation

This is a long tendu combination. I prefer longer tendu combos that start slow and increase in speed and intensity level to help slowly warm up all the muscles of the foot. Note - this combination is done in sets. You can use one or multiple sets, but it is designed to work together to progress from lower to higher intensity.

Position: One hand on the barre, beginning in 1st position.

Set 1: One tendu to the front, flex the foot, articulate to pointe, close in 1st. One tendu, close straight, one tendu, close plié. Repeat en croix.

Set 2: 2 tendus to the front, closing in 5th position. Tendu front, plie in 4th position, tendu, close in 5th. Repeat en croix.

Set 3: Temps lie forward, close. Using the inside foot, temps lie back, close. Temps lie with the outside foot away from the barre, close. Temps lie with the inside foot, close to the back. Repeat the combination starting back, inside foot to the side, outside foot away from the barre, and inside foot towards the barre.

Set 4: At the last second, turn to face the barre and place both hands on the barre. Elevé and relevé sequence as follows - 8 elevés in 1st, 8 relevés in 1st, drop to 2nd on the last one. 8 elevés in 2nd, 8 relevés in 2nd, transfer the weight to the weaker foot on the last one. 4 elevés on the weaker, repeat 4 on the stronger, 4 on the weaker, 4 on the stronger, and go back to the weaker foot to balance in sur le coups de pied.

Music: Behind Barres vol. 1 Track #3, Tendu from 1st position, 3/4 to 2/4

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