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Intermediate Follow-Along Barre: Giselle

This is a fun barre designed for intermediate dancers. All of the music is from the ballet Giselle! Giselle is one of my favorite ballet stories ever. I hope you enjoy!


Foot Warmup

Facing barre:

1: Right foot: tendu front

2: flex and plié

3: tendu

4: close in plié

5-8: Repeat on the left

1: right foot, tendu side

2. flex and plié

3: tendu side

4: plié in 2nd position

5: tendu left foot

6: flex and plié

7: tendu

8: close in 1st.

repeat the whole combination starting with the left foot.



1-4: 2 demi plié

5-8: grand plié

1-3: grand plié

4: relevé

5-6: cambré into the barre

7: plié

8: tendu to 2nd position.



Slow Tendu

1-2: Right foot: tendu front, close

3-4: Left foot: tendu front, close

5: right foot: tendu side

6: roll down to 2nd

7-8: squeeze right foot back into 1st position

1-8: Repeat starting with the left foot.

1-16: Repeat whole set with tendu back instead of front.

2nd set: repeat, closing your tendu in plié. To the side, plié in 2nd, squeeze together in plié, and stretch straight.

3rd set: repeat, in fondu and closing straight. To the side, transfer the weight, squeeze together in plié, and stretch straight.

4th set: repeat, with straight legs as in set 1, but in 2nd elevé and squeeze together on the balls of the feet. lower to first.

Finish with 4 elevé in 1st, 4 relevé in 1st, 4 elevé in 2nd, 4 relevé in 2nd. Balance for a few counts and finish.

Notes on epaulement included in this video.

Variation - this combination can absolutely be done center for a turnout and pre-pointe exercise!


Fast tendu

Set 1:

1-2: 2 tendu front

3: tendu back

4: tendu front

5-6: 2 tendu side in 1st

7: tendu side, close 5th front

8: tendu side, close 5th back

reverse de dans

Set 2 (slight tempo increase)

1: tendu front