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Intermediate Ballet Barre - Mamma Mia theme

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this intermediate ballet barre (with a few center exercises.) My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently.

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series (Link to come!).

Recommended Playlist (all from Mamma Mia! for Ballet)

  1. Chiquitita (#1)

  2. Slipping Through my Fingers (#2)

  3. Dancing Queen (#4)

  4. Mamma Mia (#5)

  5. Under Attack (7)

  6. I Wonder (#9)

  7. One of Us (#10)

  8. Money Money Money (#11)

  9. Knowing Me, Knowing You (#13)

  10. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (#15)

  11. Ring Ring (#20)

  12. Eagle (#14)

(Optional - you can add this combination as a tendu or a degagé, or even do center.)


with one hand on the barre in parallel position;

1. Ball of the foot

2: point and plié

3: stretch the standing leg and press back to the ball

4: heel down

5-8: repeat with the inside leg

1: demi plié

2: press up to a forced arch

3-4: stretch the legs straight to relevé

5: lower the heels

&6-7: 2 fast elevé and lower

8: turn out to 1st.

repeat in 1st and 2nd position.


1-4: cambré forward

5-6: plié with hands on the ground and stretch the legs

7-8: stand up

1-2: cambré into the barre

3-4: curl through the spine and come center to come up

5-8: turn away from the barre and go to 1st position on the other side to repeat the cambré sequence.


in 1st:

1: demi plié

2: forced arch

3: relevé

4: lower the heels right into the--

5-8: grand plié and stretch the legs straight

1-4: 2 demi plié

5-7: cambré into the barre

8: tendu to 2nd

in 2nd:

1: demi plié

2: forced arch

3: relevé

4: lower the heels right into the--

5-8: grand plié and stretch the legs straight

1-4: 2 demi plié

5-7: cambré away from the barre

8: tendu to 5th

in 5th:

1: demi plié

2: forced arch

3: relevé

4: lower the heels right into the--

5-8: grand plié

1-4: 2 demi plié

5-7: cambré forward

8: tendu forward to 4th.

In 4th:

1: demi plié

2: forced arch

3: relevé

4: lower the heels

5-8: 2 demi plié

1-5: circular cambre de hors

6-8: soussus and soutenue to repeat immediately.


Set 1

1-2: tendu front

3: roll down to 4th

4: push up to tendu

5: close in 5th

6: tendu front

7-8: close

Repeat front, side, back, then,

5: tendu side

6: plié in 2nd

7: tendu side

8: close back.

Repeat from the back.

Set 2:

1-2: plié and chassé forward to tendu back

3-4: plié in 4th

5-6: relevé

7-8: plié in 4th and compress the foot back to 5th.

Repeat en croix

Soutenue and repeat both set 1 and 2 on the other side. then,

Set 3

Facing the barre;

8 elevé in 1st position (half-tempo)

8 relevé in 1st position (half-tempo) and balance.

Fast Tendu

Set 1

1-2: 2 tendu front

3-4: 2 tendu side closing back and front

5-8: 1 tendu en croix ending in the back

1-8: reverse from the back.

Repeat this set

Set 2:

1-2: 2 tendu front

3-4: 2 tendu side

5-6: 2 tendu back

7-8: 2 coupé relevé with the inside foot, closing back and front, to end with the outside leg back.

Reverse from the back and repeat. On the last set, only do 1 coupé and soutenue to repeat immediately.

Degagé with piqué

1-2: 2 degagé front

3-4: 1 piqué front, side, back, and close

5-6: 2 degagé back

7-8: 1 pique back, side, front

1: degagé side closing 1st

2: degagé side closing 5th front

3: degagé side closing 1st

4: degagé side closing 5th back

5-6: passé relevé to the front

7-8: passé relevé to the back

Repeat from the back


16 degagé in 1st (double tempo!) passé balance, and soutenue to repeat.

Rond de Jambe

1-2: 2 rond de jambe a terre de hors

3-4: 1 rond de jambe a terre de hors with plié to allongé

5-6: 2 rond de jambe a terre de hors

7-8: 1 rond de jambe a terre de hors with plié to allongé

1-4: 1 grand en l'air de hors

5-8: 1 grand de hors, and close in 5th back.



1-8: circular cambré de hors

1-8: circular cambré de dans

1-4: sous-sus and cambré forward

5-8: cambré back

1-2: passé

3: face the barre

4-6: cambré back

7-8: face the other side

1-5: lift to attitude and hold

6-7: extend to arabesque

8: soussus and finish.


1: fondu

2: passé

3: fondu

4: extend

5: plié attitude

6: extend

7: carry side

8: close

repeat front, side, and back, but do not carry side after the back. Hold the arabesque, and promenade to the other side. Tendu back, temps lié to close and repeat immediately.


this is a relatively slow frappé, so if you are capable, execute doubles instead of singles.

Set 1

1-2: 2 front

3: 1 side

4: 1 front

5-6: 2 side

7: 1 back

8: 1 side

1-2: 2 back

3: 1 side

4: 1 back

5-8: 4 side

Repeat from the back, then sous-sus to prepare for set 2

Set 2

1-12: 1 double frappé to tendu plié front en croix

13-16: petite battement on relevé

repeat from the back and soutenue to do the other side immediately.


1-2: developpé front with a slight cambré back

3-4: brush to the back

5-8: penchée and close back.

1-2: developpé back with a slight penchée

3-4: brush front

5-8: cambré back with the leg in front, close and change the body facing

1-4: developpé side ecarté devant

5-8: carry to ecarté derriere, sous-sus front at the last count

1-2: developpé front on relevé

3-4: fouetté to the other side in arabesque

5-8: tendu, temps lié back, close in 5th to repeat.

Grand Battement

1: battement front

2-3: Balançoire back and front

4: close in 5th

5-8: 2 grand battements

1-4: 1 whip to the side

5-8: 2 grand battements

repeat from the back.

Center tendu

1-2: tendu rf croisé devant (left arm up) and close

3-4: tendu rf croisé devant (right arm up) and close

5: tendu rf croisé devant (right arm up)

6: plié in 4th

7: tendu lf croisé derriere (right arm up)

8: close

reverse, opening the arm on the close.


1-4: 2tendu rf ecarté devant, and close

5: 1 tendu rf ecarté devant

6: plié in 2nd

7: tendu lf ecarté derriere

8: close

1-4: 2 tendu lf ecarté derriere and close

5: tendu lf ecarté derriere

6: plié on the standing leg

7-8: pas de bourree under and stretch to repeat on the left


5th position RFF en face. begin with a port de bras of choice. (note - this adagio isn't the slowest in the world, but the counts are aproximate. Just use your time wisely!)

1-2 developpé a la second

3: carry to attitude front and change to croisé

4: extend and relevé, tombé forward into 4th

5-8: grand cambré

1: stretch to tendu and lift the leg to arabesque

2-3: promenade to 1st arabesque

5-6: penchée

7-8: plié pas de bourrée and close LFF

1-2: developpé left foot a la second

3-4: fouetée to 1st arabesque

5-6: passé

7: developpé croisé devant

8: close LFF

1-3: developpé the right foot to ecarté derriere

4-5: carry to efacé devant

6: relevé

7: sous-sus

8: soutenue and close.

Repeat left.

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