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Grand Battement with passé battement

This battement is a tiny bit slow - if you have an app that can speed things up, or use a manual cd player that lets you do so, I'd bump it up just a few beats per minute.


  • When doing the passé battements, decide specifically if you are doing long, stretchy, elastic passés, or sharp battement passés. Make the energy and movements clear! I chose battement and sharp for this video.

This combo is part of my Frozen follow-along barre for intermediate/advanced!

1-4: 2 grand battements front, closing in 5th.

5: battement

6: pull back to passé

7: extend to the side

8: close.

Repeat en croix. Soutenue after the 2 battements to the side (or after the passé if you like) and repeat immediately.

Music: Let it Go - Nate Fifield's Frozen Ballet Music, track #15

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