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Frozen Beginner Follow-Along Barre

I'm so thrilled to bring you the Frozen follow-along barre with music by Nate Fifield! I knew there HAD to be an album of Frozen ballet music out there somewhere. This set of combos is good for ages 8-12, beginner/intermediate level ballet. Feel free to modify as necessary.

Please let me know how you like this format!

Playlist: (all from Nate Fifield's album)

  1. All is Found

  2. In Summer

  3. Some Things Never Change

  4. For the First Time in Forever

  5. Frozen Heart

  6. Love is an Open Door

  7. Show Yourself

  8. Let it Go


in 1st: 4 demi plié, cambré forward, elevé, lower, tendu to 2nd

in 2nd: 2 grand plié, cambré in, elevé, lower, tendu to 5th

in 5th: 4 demi plié, cambré away, soussus, soutenue, and repeat 5th on the other side.


1-2: 1 tendu, close.

3-4: 1 tendu, close in plié

5-6: bring the foot up to sur le coups de pied

7-8: lower the foot down to 5th and plié.

repeat f/s/b, soussus and balance, and reverse.


1-4: 3 degagé and hold

5-8: 3 degagé and plié on the last one, hold

5: passé

6-7: balance

8: close in plié

repeat en croix

set 2:

16 degagé in 1st, 8 with the arm de hors, 8 with the arm de dans. 4 passé releves over and back, balance in passé

Rond de Jambe

4 rond de jambe a terre, 1 grand en l'air, close back. Reverse.