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Frappé 3-2-3 with petite battement

Frappés are my favorite combo. I just love them. Here's a fast and fun frappé with lots of beats!

This combo is part of my Frozen follow-along barre for intermediate/advanced!

Preparation is a tendu to the side; fyi the timing is a bit weird on this one so listen to the music and try it a few times.

1&2: double strike f

&3&4: triple strike f

5&6: double strike f

7-8: 2 singles, strike f

repeat f/s/b, then 8 counts of petite battement a terre

Repeat from the back, and use petite battement in relevé for 5 counts, soutenue and repeat.

Music: Some Things Never Change - Nate Fifield's Frozen Ballet Music, track #7

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