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Foot Warmup with Pop-ups

Here's a great foot warmup to help students warm up the feet and help with their sur le coups de pied.

Position: Facing barre, or back to the barre, in 1st.


1: Ball of the foot, sliding the foot in so the heel is to the front of the ankle

2: point and wrap the toes around to sur le coups de pied

3: "flick" the toes back to the ball by placing the tips of the toes on the ground and rubbing them out back to the ball

4: slide the ball of the foot away as you place the heel down.

5-8: repeat with the other foot

1-2: 2 pop-ups in 1st

3: pop up and close in 5th front

4: pop-up and close in 5th back

5: pop-up and close in 1st, demi plié

6: relevé

7: demi plié

8: stretch the legs straight.

repeat starting with the left foot.

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