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Foot Warmup with Epaullement

I've been working on some exercises and a full barre all focused on Epaullement! Here is one of the combos from the series.

Foot Warmup

1: (right foot) Ball

2: pointe - look over the shoulder

3: ball

4: heel

5-8: repeat on the left foot

1-4: Snake (demi plié, forced arch, stretch legs, lower heels)

5-8: reverse snake (elevé, plié, heels down, stretch legs.)

Repeat with the head going under instead of over.

Repeat the whole combination with the head over and under, but add a plié to the point (count 2 and 6).

To finish: elevé and balance.

Josu Gallastegui "La Moldau" (Curtain Call)

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