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Foot Warmup with Cambré side

I love this warmup for both the feet and the back!

1: With the right foot, press to the ball of the foot, sliding the right foot closer to the left

2: wrap the toes around to sur le coups de pied

3: flick the toes against the ground to press back to the ball

4: heel down

5-8: repeat left

1: demi plié

2: forced arch

3: elevé and stretch the legs

4-7: sweep the arm down and out, and cambré to the left, come up

8: lower the heels

Repeat starting with the left foot.

Repeat but reverse the snake, working elevé, forced arch, plié, and cambré side as you straighten the legs.

Music: David Plumpton plays Andrew Lloyd Weber Track #2 Phantom medley

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