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Foot Warmup with Articulation

I love a good foot warmup! The song I used for this one is quite long, so you could absolutely add a series of relevés, cambrés, or pliés afterward.

from 5th:

1: Tendu front

2: articulate the foot to flex

3: point

4:close in 5th

5-6: wrap the foot and bring it up to sur le coups de pied

7: bring the foot back down to 5th

8: demi plié

repeat to the side and back, then,

1: tendu side

2: plié in 2nd

3-4: relevé and balance

5: plié in 2nd

6: tendu with the other foot

7-8: close.

repeat with the opposite foot.

Note - check out this IGTV clip on pas de cheval and sur le coups de pied.

Music: Christopher N. Hobson - Modern Ballet Studio Melodies, Vol 7, Track #12 - Developpe

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