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Foot Warm-Up with Foot Articulation

This exercise is awesome for pre-pointe, or for dancers who are working to improve the height of their arch.

Position: Facing the barre, 1st position.


1. Tendu the right leg to the ball of the foot

2. Press the toes to point

3. Pull the foot back to the ball

4. Close in 1st position

5-8 repeat to the left

1. Demi plié

2. Press the ankles into relevé, in a forced arch

3. Stretch the legs straight into relevé

4. Lower the heels

5. Elevé

6. Demi plié into a forced arch

7. Press the heels down

8. Stretch the legs straight

To repeat in 2nd position, keep both legs straight and shift the weight to the left leg as the right foot presses to the ball and then the point. Execute the forced arch and roll-throughs as normal.

Music used: Warmup from Cheers (David Plumpton, West End to Broadway Vol 1) you have time to do 1st and 2nd twice in each position, or add a series of releves to tendus after this combo for a total of 64 counts.

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