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Fondu with rond de jambe a la second

I don't give a lot of rond de jambe a la second, as many dancers tend to grip in the hip. However I've put in a few in this fondu combo. Be sure to execute at the height you are able to do correctly!

Preparation is a degagé to the side

1: fondu

2: extend side

3-4: 2 rond de jambe a la second

5-7: fondu and extend front

8: carry the leg to the side.

Repeat from teh back. then,

1: fondu

2: extend side, low or medium height

3: fondu

4: extend high height

5: soussus to the front

6: coupé over

7: coupé under

8: coupé over

1-4: developpé in plié with the inside leg to the front

5: brush back

6: fouettée to the front on the other side

7-8: carry to the side, to repeat.

Music: Show Yourself - Nate Fifield's Frozen Ballet Music, track #11

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