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Fondu with articulation and cambré

This is a nice low somewhat fast fondu to help with fluidity and musicality.

1: fondu

2: passé

3: fondu and articulate back to 5th demi plie

4&: tendu front, lift

5-6: fondu

7-8: extend front at desired height, close in 5th.

repeat to the side and back, not closing to the back.

1: carry side (stay in extension to the side, or bring the leg to tendu side, passé, sous-sus, or close in 5th, depending on skill level)

2-8: circular cambré de hors, closing to the back at the last second.

Repeat from the back, doing the cambré de dans.

Music: David Plumpton Andrew Lloyd Webber track #11 - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

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