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Follow-Along Intermediate/Advanced Barre - Frozen themed!

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this intermediate/advanced ballet barre. My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently. For advanced classes, please make sure you read through the combinations before you begin, and do not attempt steps that you have not learned, or that your teacher has asked you not to work on yet!

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series.

  1. Foot Warmup with elevés and weight transfer

  2. Plié with rotation

  3. Slow tendu

  4. Fast tendu with soussus

  5. Degagé with enveloppé

  6. Piqué with en cloche

  7. Rond de jambe with circular lunge

  8. Long Fondu with rond de jambe a la second

  9. 3-2-3 frappé

  10. Adagio with relevé

  11. Balancoire with attitudes

  12. Grand battement

  13. Tendu center (modification - with pirouette)

  14. Passé and pirouette center