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Fast Tendu with coupé and soussus

I love a good fast tendu that changes feet. It helps warm up the legs and get the brain thinking! Plus this song is just so catchy.

This combo is part of my Frozen follow-along barre for intermediate/advanced!

From 1st, one hand on the barre. Note that this combo closes on the beat, so you will (generally) start on the &.

Set 1:

1-2: 2 tendu front

3: coupé the inside foot over

4: tendu inside foot front

5-6: 2 tendu outside foot back

7: coupé inside foot over

8: tendu inside foot back

1-3: 1 tendu f/s/b, close in plié on the last one

4-5: 2 echappé at the barre

6-7: relevé coupé inside foot

8: close front, so the outside foot is in the back. Repeat from the back.

Set 2:

1-2: 2 tendus front and close

3: tendu in plié, soussus

4: plié and stretch

repeat f/s/b and hold to the back, balance in soussus or coups de pied. Repeat from the back and balance to finish.

Music: Into the Unknown - Nate Fifield's Ballet Class Music from Frozen, track #4

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