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Fast degagé with sous-sus

This degagé isn't super complicated, but it is pretty fast. Make sure you're using your turnout or your hips will be all over the place!

1-5: 5 degagé to the front

6-8: 3 degagé to the side, ending back

1-5: 5 degagé to the back

6-8: 3 degagé to the side, ending front

repeat the above 16 counts, then,

1-2: plié and degagé front and hold

3-4: assemblé sous-sus

5-6: degagé front on relevé

7-8: close in 5th plié and hold

repeat en croix. Soutenue and repeat the other side.

Music: David Plumpton's West End to Broadway Vol. 2, track #8 "Posh."

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