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Degagé with Coupé, Passé, and Pirouette

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Note - this combination was taught to me by my instructor, Laura Karmi of New Bern Ballet (retired)

This is an awesome combo that helps stress the importance of turnout in both degagé and pirouette de hors from 5th. It is an excellent warmup and is suitable for high beginner and intermediate students. There are several modifications that can be done. (Modifications are marked in italics and are mentioned in video) Feel free to comment with any other modifications you have used so I can add to the post!

From 5th position

Set 1:

1-3: 3 degagé to the front

4: hold

5: degagé in plié

6: Staying in plié, press the knee back to a fondu coupé position

7: Relevé to passé

8: plié in 5th position

1: spring up to passé relevé

Hold until 8 and plié or, plié in 5th position and pirouette de hors, closing on 8. (This can also be done half tempo if the plié in 5th and second relevé to passé is removed. See video.)

Repeat en croix.

Set 2:

16 degagé in 1st position to the side, 8 with the arm de hors and 8 with the arm de dans. The last degagé should close in 5th front.

Set 3:

On count &: plié and degagé the front foot:

1: piqué forward on the front foot to a low degagé back

3: Plié and bring the back foot into coupé derriere

5: using the back foot, extend and piqué back to degage the front foot

7: plie and bring the front foot into coupé devant

1: piqué to the side away from the barre and degagé the inside foot towards the barre, maintaining a low degagé on relevé

3: plié and bring the inside foot to coupé position

5: piqué to the side back towards the barre and degagé the outside foot away from the barre, maintaining a low degagé on relevé

7: plié and bring the outside foot to coupé position

Modification for beginner students: slow set 2 down by half tempo, and remove set 3 completely.

Set 4:

Relevé to attitude devant, balancing for 7 counts, plié and extend the leg on 8

Pique forward to attitude derriere, balancing for 7 counts, demi plié on 8

Fouette around to the other side ending in attitude front, balancing, to extend to the front and finish in sous-sus, and plié.

Music: Josu Gallastegui At Your Request, Tendu/Port de bras

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