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Center Tendu with coupé or pirouette

I love tendus that switch up the body facings! Here's a relatively simple one for you.


  • This can be done with coupé relevé, or with a pirouette

  • adjust the arms as desired.

This combo is part of my Frozen follow-along barre for intermediate/advanced, the rest of which will go live tomorrow at 10!

from 5th right foot front, croisé

1-2: tendu front, close

&3-4: 2 tendu front, close

5: tendu front, pivot to éffacé devant

6: tombé

7: bring the back foot up to coupé

8: close front

Repeat left

To the back using the left foot first: tombé back and bring the front foot up, closing in the back.

To the side using the right foot first: plié in 2nd and coupé the leg over to the front.

Can be done with pirouettes.

Music: Frozen Heart - Nate Fifield's Frozen Ballet Music, track #6

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