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Center Tendu for Hip Placement

This exercise is designed for dancers to do in the center to work on their rotation. I find that working between positions and changing from parallel to turn-out forces the dancer to learn their alignment quickly. I'd recommend this combo for ages 9-12, or for intermediate dancers who are 3-4 years into their training.

From 6th position:

1: tendu front, turning out both legs equally

2: plié in 4th position

3: relevé and pivot to 1st position

4: plié in 1st position

5: pivot back to tendu front

6: turn to parallel with both legs

7: en cloche to the back and turn out at the same time

8: turn in and close in 6th position.

repeat with the left foot.

This combo can be done reversed, but I find that count #7 is more valuable done to the back than to the front. However, if a student is really struggling with bringing the heel forwards in de hors rond de jambe, it could be a helpful exercise done de dans!

Music: Christopher Hobson, Sunrise Sunset, Modern Ballet Studio Melodies vol. 4

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