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Cambré with plié and snakes

This exercise is very heavy on cambré, so I would use it as a warmup, a post-plié exercise, or even a stretch at the end of your barre.

From parallel position:

1-8: cambré forward, slowly. Enjoy the stretch. Place the hands on the floor.

1-2: Demi plié and stretch

3-4: come up

5&: demi plié, arch press

6: stretch the legs to relevé

7-8: balance, plié and turn out to 1st.

Repeat in 1st, 2nd, and 5th.

in 4th:

1-8: circular cambré de hors

1: demi plié

2: arch press

3: stretch to relevé

4-6: balance (crossing the front leg over a bit more)

7: detourné

8: plié and tendu to 5th

repeat 5th and 4th on the other side, then face the barre.

from 1st:

1--8: 4 slow elevé, then transfer the weight to sur le coups de pied on the weaker foot

1-8: 4 slow elevé on the weaker foot, and balance in sur le coups de pied until the finish.

Music: Christopher Hobson plays Modern Ballet Studio Melodies vol 7 - Track #3 - "Queen Medley"