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Beginner Plié - Intro to Grand

This is a great plié to use to teach grand plié without letting the students go all the way down. I teach grand plié quite a bit differently from most teachers! You can learn about why I do this here.

This is part of my Beginner TV Themes Barre! The rest will be posted soon.

From 1st Position: 2 demi plié, 1 "intro" grand plié. 3 elevé and a quick balance, plié to 2nd position.

In 2nd position: repeat, but keep the heels on the ground.

In 5th, repeat and go to soussus, and soutenue on the other side.

Note - check out my Ankle Release video here and help your dancers figure out how to use their turnout to plié instead of their ankles!

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