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Beginner barre - Cinderella theme

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Cinderella is wonderful, and Prokofiev is crazy.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this beginner ballet barre. My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently. (Note - this barre is suitable for ages 5+, or students brand new to ballet) They also work great alongside my Ballet Storytime slideshows and lesson plans.

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series.

Recommended Playlist

  1. Dumpy's Variation (Female Variations, Vol. 1, Pt 1, #6)

  2. Cinderella (Ballet L'école, #22)

  3. Cinderella's dance (Female Variations, Vol. 1, Pt 1, #8)

  4. Autumn Fairy (Female Variations, Vol. 1, Pt 1, #4)

  5. Winter Fairy (Female Variations, Vol. 1, Pt 1, #5)

  6. Frappé (Shino Takizawa, Dramatic Music for Ballet Class 1, #13)

  7. Prokofiev's Cinderella, the Grand Waltz

  8. Grand Waltz (Shino Takizawa, Dramatic Music for Ballet Music 1, #34)

  9. Prokofiev's Cinderella, Mazurka from Act II

Foot Warmup

*no intro

1-4: ball, point, ball, heel'

5-8: tendu front, flex, point, close

repeat R,L front and RL side


4 elevés

4 relevés



1: demi plié

2: relevé

3: demi plié

4: stretch straight

5-8: repeat

1-4: cambré into the barre

5-7: cambré away from the barre

8: tendu to 2nd

Repeat in 2nd. Cambrés done with a tendu. Repeat in 4th with a cambré forward and back. Sous-sus to balance.


*no intro

Set 1:

1: tendu front

2: flex and plié

3: point

4: close

5-8: 2 tendu front and close

1: tendu side

2: plié

3: tendu side

4: close front

5: tendu side

6: close back

repeat from the back

Set 2:

1 slow tendu en croix

(slight hesitation in the music)

2 tendu en croix closing in 1st

2 tendu en croix closing in 5th

Set 3:

4 coupé releve back and front with the outside leg

4 echappé releve

Balance in passé

Degagé and Piqué

*no introduction

1-4: 4 degagé front

5-8: 1 piqué f/s/b, close b.

repeat from back

(extra 4 counts:)

Passé to the back, passé to the front

16 degagé in 1st, with arms as desired. Balance in passé

Rond de Jambe

1-4: 4 rond de jambe de hors

5-8: 1 grand en l'air

1-4: 1 grand

5-8: cambré forward and come up


sous-sus - the music speeds up slightly.

1-8: circular cambré in soussus

1-8: reverse the cambré in soussus

passé, open to attitude, balance, extend to arabesque, soussus back, soutenue away from the barre, coupé over to finish.


1-4: 4 frappé front

5-8: 2 slow double side

1-4: 4 frappé back

5-8: 2 slow double side

repeat in relevé with doubles to plié

1-8: petite battement in sur le coups de pied, balance


*this music uses the actual ballet music, speed will depend on your version of the ballet.

begin with a slow cambré of choice - there is about 12 counts to do this.

1 fondu, extend and close, 1 developpé, close. Repeat en croix, but do not close the extension side on the last time - carry to arabesque and hold.

Grand Battement

Set 1

1-4: 2 battement front and close

5: battement front

6: drop to 4th and lunge

7: battement front

8: close in 5th

Repeat with the inside leg to the back

1-8: 4 battement side

1-4: 1 battement, drop to 2nd, push up, close back

5-8: 1 battement, drop to 2nd, push up, close front

Set 2

8 Balançoirewith straight legs

6 Balançoirewith attitude, soutenue to repeat on the other side immediately.

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