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Beginner Ballet Barre - Sleeping Beauty theme

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this beginner ballet barre. My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently. (Note - this barre is suitable for ages 5+, or students brand new to ballet)

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series (link to come soon!).

Recommended Playlist

  1. Battement Tendu (Sleeping Beauty Ballet Class vol. 1, #2)

  2. Port de bras/Stretch (Sleeping Beauty Ballet Class vol. 1, #9)

  3. Pirouettes 3/4 (Ray Lindsey Free Ballet class, #21) *this is a free album!

  4. Jete 2 - Violente (Music for Ballet Class - Repertoire Vol. 1, #7)

  5. Battement Glisse (Sleeping Beauty Ballet Class vol. 1, #3)

  6. Rond de Jambe a terre (Sleeping Beauty Ballet Class vol. 1, #4)

  7. Adage (Sleeping Beauty Ballet Class vol. 1, #8)

  8. Petit Allegro 2 - Fee Argent (Music for Ballet Class - Repertoire Vol. 1, #38)

  9. Grand Battement 1, excerpt from O. 66 (Music for Ballet Class - Repertoire, vol. 2, #17)


Foot Warmup, from 1st

1-6: 3 elevé in 1st position

7: tendu front

8: close

repeat with the left foot, then right to the side, then left to the side.


1-4: from 1st - 2 demi plié with the arm out

6-5: demi plié with the arm crossing in

7-8: demi plié with the arm coming out

1-4: cambré forward and come up

5-6: elevé

7: lower the heels

8: tendu to 2nd.

Repeat with cambré into the barre in 2nd, and forward in 5th.


Set 1:

1-6: 3 slow tendu front

7-8: plié

repeat en croix

Set 2:

1-4: temps lié forward and close

5-8: temps lié backward and close

1-4: temps lié side away from the barre and close

5-8: temps lié side back towards the barre

repeat from the back

Soutenue and repeat the other side immediately.


1-8: 4 degagé front, last one ending in plié

1-6: passé and try to balance

7-8: close in 5th back

repeat from the back. then,

1-16: 8 degagé to the side in 1st, last one cross to 5th

1-2: demi plié

3-8: passé balance


1-4: 3 piqué front, carry side

5-8: 3 piqué side, carry back

1-4: 3 piqué back hold

5-8: 2 en cloche front and back

repeat from the back.

12 en cloche, last one plié and soutenue

Rond de Jambe

1-4: plié tendu front, rond de jambe de hors to the back, lift the arm to allongé

5-8: 2 rond de jambe de hors

repeat, then repeat all 16 counts from the back de dans.


1-8: slow developpé and close in fifth

1-8: cambré forward and come up

repeat front, side, back, then,

1-2: tendu back

3-4: lift to arabesque

5-8: balance

To finish: tendu back, brush front, close in 5th.


1-6: 3 frappé front

7-8: hold in flexed positon and push knee back

repeat en croix and soussus

1-4: sourree

5-6: plié and tendu front

7-8: soussus

repeat en croix, finish by balancing in sur le coups de pied.

Grand Battement

1-2: 2 grand battement

3: 1 grand battement to tendu

4: 1 grand battement and close in 5th.

repeat en croix

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