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Beginner Ballet Barre - Broadway Theme

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this beginner ballet barre. My follow-along classes are designed for students who are away from their teachers or their studios and want to do some work independently.

I recommend pausing after every few combos to catch your breath and drink some water! Stretch as needed, or follow up with my quick-stretch series (Link to come!).

Recommended playlist

  1. Sweet Heaven (West End to Broadway vol. 2, #22)

  2. Alone in the Universe (West End to Broadway vol. 2, #19)

  3. Kansas City (West End to Broadway vol 2, #33)

  4. The Merry Old Land of Oz (West End to Broadway, vol. 2 #28)

  5. The Winner Takes it All (West End to Broadway vol. 1 #9)

  6. Gus the Theatre Cat (West End to Broadway vol. 1, #12)

  7. The Jellicle Ball (The Essential Musicals for Ballet, #12)

  8. One (Modern Ballet Studio Melodies Musical Theatre Hits, #22)


Foot Warmup - from 1st position, beginning with the right foot

1: ball

2: point

3: ball

4: heel

5-8: repeat left

1-8: 4 slow elevé in 1st position

Repeat, using relevé for the second set.


1-4: 2 slow demi plié with the arm side

5-8: 2 slow demi plié with the arm crossing to first, and open

1-2: cambré forward

3-4: come up

5-6: elevé and balance

7-8: lower the heels and tendu to 2nd position.

Repeat in 2nd and 5th. (2nd take a cambré into the barre instead of forward)

To finish: balance in sous-sus and plié.


1: tendu front

2: flex the foot

3: turn in both legs to parallel

4: turn out both legs

5: articulate to point

6: close

7: tendu front

8: close.

repeat en croix


1-3: 3 degagé front

4: plié

5-7: balance in passé

8: plié and stretch

repeat en croix and balance at the end.

Rond de Jambe

1-8: 4 rond de jambe a terre en de hors

1-4: 1 slow grand rond de jambe en l'air, closing in 5th back

5-8: cambré forward to stretch, and come up.

Repeat en de dans

Come to sous-sus, then sur le coups de pied, then passe and bring the arms up to high 5th, and sous-sus to finish.


1: tendu front

2: lift to 45 degrees

3-4: fondu

5-6: extend front

7: tendu front

8: close

Repeat front, side, back, then, tendu side, close in 5th front, cambré froward sous-sus, soutenue, and repeat on the other side.


1-6: 3 slow frappé to the front

7-8: carry to the side

repeat en croix.

8 counts of petite battement with a flexed foot

8 counts of petite battement with a pointed foot

8 counts balance in sur le coups de pied

soutenue to the other side and repeat

Grand Battement

1: tendu

2: lift

3: tendu

4: close

repeat en croix


4 grand battement en croix.