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Beginner Balancé with piqués

I've been working on some exercises and a full barre all focused on Epaullement! Here is one of the combos from the series.

Begin in 5th, or b+.

1-2: balancé right

3-4: balancé left

5-6: step cross soutenue (arms come up to 5th and down to pirouette 4th) to 5th and plié

7-8: pirouette de hors, close back.

1: front foot: piqué passé,

2: rock back to tendu

3: piqué arabesque to the side

4: rock back

5: piqué passé de dans pirouette

6: close back

7: passé relevé

8: close back.

Christopher N. Hobson, Inspirational Balet Class Music from Stage and Screen. Pirouette (Itsumo Nando)

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