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Beginer Foot Warmup

Here is a nice simple foot warmup for students. It is a bit long and has several parts, but is fairly easy to remember, and slow enough to follow along if they forget. It focuses on simple articulation and eleves. This is also great to do for beginner pointe students while wearing their pointe shoes!

This exercise is featured in my pre-pointe barre! See the rest here, or search by other pre-pointe exercises.

begin in parallel facing the barre.

Ball, Point,Ball, Heel on the R/L/R/L. 4 half tempo elevés

Ball, Point (and plié), Ball, Heel on R/L/R/L, 8 full tempo elevés. Cross to 5th on last one.

Ball, Point, Ball, Heel (and plié) on R/L/R/L, coupé over on last one. Repeat beginning with the left foot. Last one coupé to 1st position.

4 snakes, 4 reverse snakes.

Music: Extended Walks - Rob Thaller Extended Tracks - #2

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