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Adagio with relevé and soussus

Ah, adagio. The bane of long-legged dancer's existence. This one switches feet a bit to kind of give you a break. There is also a little bit of going away from the barre. It is repeated 4 times total; de hors on the right and left, and then de dans on the right and left.


  • Pay special attention to body facings while doing this

  • Try to make the promenade in passé one fluid movement out of the soutenue.

This combo is part of my Frozen follow-along barre for intermediate/advanced!

Preparation is a port de bras of choice.

1-2: developpé front

3&: plié, relevé

4: soussus (right at the end of the beat)

5-6: developpé inside leg to the back

7&: plié, relevé

8: soussus

1: developpé ecarté devant (this is a bit faster)

2: balancé away from the barre

3-4: soutenue back towards the barre

5: passé the inside foot and promenade to the other side

6-7: developpé to the back

8: close 5th (or soussus)

Repeat on the other side, but close the foot to the front, so you can repeat the entire combination to the back. (the side developpé will be écarté derierre, and the soutenue will be under, and the promenade away from the barre instead of into the barre).

The en dedans version of this is quite a bit harder than the dehors version - feel free to leave off, or modify as necessary!

Music: Lost in the Woods - Nate Fifield's Frozen Ballet Music, track #8

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