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Adagio at the Barre

I've been working on some exercises and a full barre all focused on Epaullement! Here is one of the combos from the series. This exercise combines fondu with developpé.


1-4: developpé front

6-6: plié attitude

7: extend front

8-3: carry to the back

4: close in 5th

5: fondu

6: extend front

7: fondu

8: extend side, close back.



1-4: developpé side

5-6: plié attitude

7: extend relevé

8: soussus

1: fondu

2: extend side, low

3: fondu

4: extend side, high

5-6: passé relevé

7-8: soussus back

1-2: developpé with the inside leg

3: plié

4: relevé

5: brush foot to the back

6-7: penchée

8: soussus back

1: fondu inside leg

2: extend back

3: fondu and turn to face barre

4: extend side

5: fondu and face other side

6: extend front

7: soussus

8: Plié and repeat the other side.

Behind Barres, kids disk 1 "Center Tendu"

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