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Dance Teachers

If you're like me, you feel like you've been stuck in a "rut." Are you tired of using the same combos for every class, or not knowing how to search for new exercises or stretches for your students? 

The exercise database came along because I got so tired of trying to come up with new combos. I wished there was something out there like this for me... So I decided to create it for you. 

You'll also get access to a whole handful of exclusive downloads that only my paying members get. 

Dance Students

Maybe you want some guidance in your online classes or your dance-from-home, and Instagram Live isn't cutting it...

Maybe your Zoom classes don't stream quite right... 

Maybe you wish you could pull up a fun, interesting barre that was designed for your age level not for professional dancers, with a teacher who actually gives corrections and instruction during the session. I know I did when I was a student!

Hopefully the database will help you! I have classes divided into levels, and tagged by categories so you can easily search for exactly what you're looking for. 

Studio Owners

Looking for a way to challenge your dancers and inspire your teaching team? Maybe Zoom classes just aren't working for you and your students? 

What if there were a set of pre-recorded classes you could assign to your dancers to take? And free webinars they could attend as well? 

Maybe you have a staff member struggling with how to teach a particular series of steps that they struggle with themselves. 

As a Studio Member, your students and staff all get access to all content, including pre-pointe consultations for all your students. 

Your Membership Includes:

  • Access to all exercises in the  exercise database (all tagged by category, so you can find that perfect combo or stretch)

  • Free digital downloads for your dance classes (handouts, coloring pages, homework)

  • Lesson planning guidelines and printables

  • Downloadable curriculum for a variety of ages (coming soon!)

  • Live-stream classes and webinars 

  • All students get a free pre-pointe consultation. (1:1 pre-pointe or pointe lessons are also available.) 

About the Exercises

  • The exercises are recorded in my home-studio space, or in the Stage Door Dance studio where I teach (pre- and post-pandemic!)

  • Music is played in background and is loud enough to hear.

  • The combination is written out, taught and explained by me, and then demonstrated on both sides full-out. This allows teachers to quickly learn the exercise, and students to follow-along on both sides, if desired. 

  • Exercises are tagged by category to make them easier to search. Some of these categories include: Foot warmup, fast tendu, long combination, sur le coups de pied, inside-and-outside leg, Pre-pointe, pointe 1, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced, just to name a few!

  • I also include all my Tennis Ball Tuesdays, and my Technique Breakdown videos!